“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Albert Einstein (surely he’s onto something, right?)


Choose from one of three packages. Whether you are creating your brand, beginning a new business and need the works or simply need some help.


Do you know what you want? Or perhaps you don’t & you’d like to spend more time developing something? Maybe you’d just like some on-going assistance.

Something special

Boy oh boy do I love me some lettering. Have you’ve got a favourite quote you’d like to hang on the wall, or your wedding is approaching. Whatever it is, I’d love to get to work.

“Creativity involves breaking out of the expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”

Edward de Bono

Do you find yourself going round and round when it comes to creating a marketing strategy for your business?

What is social media, and what are hashtags really good for? How do you “tweet” and is this a laughing or crying emoji 😭

Where do you start when you’re thinking about creating a logo for your brand spanking new business (hint: it’s not Paint).

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Who am I?

Hi there. My name’s Sophia and I’ve been a part of the marketing world for a decade now.

But, my love for creativity, imagination and communication began long before then.

Find out more about me here. Or if you’d like to listen to my ramblings head here.

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